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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The College has been debating the proposal to build a new Varsity Club for some time. These points seem salience to this observer . . .

Three main criticisms have been raised: First, critics say that Mr. Burr's interests in Harvard were many and not primarily directed toward a new Varsity Club. The Administration remains unconvinced. Second, critics say the University has more pressing needs (the Administration no doubt agrees); they cite a theatre or skating rink as examples. Such criticism does not solve but only postpones the question.

The third main criticism attacks the proposal at its heart by questioning the need for a new Varsity Club. These critics wonder whether a new Clubhouse would be used enough more than the present one to warrant its construction. They feel the Houses, in which everyone cats, sleeps, and makes friends, fulfill the social function which the Varsity Club did in pre-Houses days of impersonal Yard dorm, and which Mr. Burr thought it might still.

The new Club's supporters say its central location and the reinstitution of training table mean it would get considerable use. They believe it would improve College athletic spirit, and encourage more men to try out for Varsity teams. Some emphasize its attraction to high school stars looking for the right college. . .

If the Varsity men feel, in light of their House life and the potential of the Quincy Street Clubhouse, that the College needs and they would use a new Clubhouse enough more to warrant the anticipated expense,--the new Clubhouse enough more should be built. If not, then Mr. Burry's money should be put to a more significant use. A few Varsity men have already spoken. What do the rest of them say? Christopher May '51

For an indication, see page one of today's CRIMSON.

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