H.D.C. Erects Open Theatre

The Dramatic Club will start today building a $150 outdoor theatre in Big Tree Court behind Dudley Hall. Next week, when the theatre is finished, H.D.C. will use it to put on "The Shoemaker's Prodigious Wife" Wednesday through Saturday nights.

The theatre, which will seat 180 people, will have a stage 12 by 28 feet and an auditorium 28 by 40 feet. A wooden marquee will be built on Holyoke Street.

Folding chairs will be rented, and the stage will be made so it can be taken down this spring and put up again next spring.

Members Share Costs

H.D.C. members themselves will put up the $150 necessary for them to build the theatre. They got permission yesterday to use the University-owned lot for the project.


"The Shoemaker's Prodigious Wife" had a first run in Fogg Monday, in a reading theatre. Next week it will be a regular production with people paying to see it. If the weather is bad, rainchecks will be passed out.

The cast will be the same as before, except that Sherman H. Hawkins '51 will play the shoemaker instead of P. Michael Mabry '53.