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Hudner Crimson Star, Scores Two Goals, Assists on Eight

By Bayley F. Mason

Cast in the favorite role the varsity lacrosse team played its part yesterday by routing M.I.T., 18 to 5, on the Business School Field. This victory was the Crimson's fifth in eight starts and its second league win.

The varsity ten loafed through the first period, taking a casual 3 to 1 lead. During most of the first half the winners seemed to hustle only when challenged by the Engineers. Harvard showed much more drive in the second half, causing Coach Bruce Munro to make up a fourth midfield and clear the bench in order to control the rout.

Hudner Impresses

Attackman Rick Hudner, who scored two goals and eight assists, stood out in playmaking from the feeder position. First string creaseman Ned Yost was out with an injury, so Hudner varied the usual attack pattern of feeding Yost at the goal mouth by passing to the mid-fielders. Playing from behind the cage, he did a great job of dodging the Tech defenders until the midfielders could break free for passes.

Munro started the second midfield, which scored six goals. Yesterday its stickwork came closer to matching the finesse of the first midfield than in any previous contest.

Munro was not overly impressed with his team's play, but admitted after the game that playing Tech gave him "an excellent opportunity to test the reserve strength." Second string goalie Dick Thomas, playing the entire game, made several saves and handled himself well on the clearing plays. Bob Baldwin, substituting for Yost, also turned in some good plays.

The summary:

First period: Hudner, 1:14; Hucke, M.I.T., 7:39 (Bolta); Waring, 12:48, (Hudner); Davis, 14:11, (Hudner).

Second period: Baldwin, 2:17, (Hudner); Davidson, 3:54, (Hudner); Lynch, 4:50; Hucke, M.I.T., 5:29; Waring, 9:16, (Hudner).

Third period: Aycrigg, M.I.T., 0:23, (Lea); Plissner, 0:43, (Hudner); Hucke, M.I.T., 9:25; Mauran, 10:48; Waring, 11:20, (Davis); Graham, 11:56, (Hudner); Davis, 13:40.

Fourth period: Bender, 0:53, (Hudner); Thayer, 1:17, (Otis); Hudner, 2:37; Post, 7:36, (Baldwin); Newcomer, M.I.T., 9:55; Baldwin, 12:27, (Brooke); Lynch, 13:07.

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