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Seven more Harvard men learned they won Fulbright scholarship awards yesterday, when Provost Buck received a second announcement from the Department of State.

It is expected that the University will receive about 30 grants for a year of study abroad. Yesterday's announcement brought the total of named winners to 14.

Six graduate students and one undergraduate gained awards. Their names and the countries in which they will study are: Charles Brounig 4G, France, Preston C. Combs '50, France, Richard L. Ingraham 1G, France, Martin E. Malia 3G, France, Milman Parry 1G, France, Taylor A. Steeves 3G, England, Edward Wasiolek 1G, France.

Increase Awards

Next year the number of Fulbrights awarded will be increased from 600 to over 1,000, the State Department announced. Australia, Egypt, India, Iran, and Turkey have been added to the list of countries where winners may study. Also a comparable number of grants will pay for the transportation of foreign students to and from the United States.

The countries and number of openings for '51-'52 Fulbright awards are: Belgium and Luxembourg, 18; Burma, 18; France, 282; Greece, 45; Italy, 144; The Netherlands, 66; New Zealand, 18; Norway, 40; The Philippines, 20; United Kingdom and Colonies, over 200. The number of awards for Australia, Egypt, India, Iran and Turkey will be announced later.

Applications for lecturing and research awards should be mailed to the Executive Secretary of the Conference Board Committee, Committee on International Exchange of Persons, 2101 Constitution Avenue, Washington 25, D.C. before October 15.


Applicants for Fulbright awards for graduate study should apply to the Provost's Office before October 31. Applicants for teaching in national secondary schools abroad should write Office of Education, Federal Security Agency, Washington 25, D.C. before October 15. Applicants for teaching in American secondary schools abroad should write American Schools Service, American Council on Education, 744 Jackson Place N.W., Washington 6, D.C.

The Fulbright awards are financed by sale of United States surplus property abroad, under provisions of Public Law 534, 79th Congress.

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