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By Frank B. Gilbert

Three University fund drives yesterday reported considerable progress towards their difficult goals, as speculation began on what section of the University would next open a large-scale campaign for funds.

Work by University fund-raisers has brought Harvard about $1,900,000 for three of its campaigns.

The Law School Fund this week passed the $1,390,000 mark in its drive for $2,500,000, of which $1,659,000 is for the new Graduate Center. The Law School is also counting towards its total a $255,000 bequest from the estate of William Nelson Cromwell.

Seven thousand, two hundred College alumni have so far this year contributed $220,000 to the Harvard Fund, which annually solicits the alumni through their classes. Working for a $500,000 total by December 31, the fund is $50,000 ahead of its best total at this time in any previous year.

The Harvard Foundation--the alumni organization of the graduate schools of Arts and Sciences, Public Administration, Education, and Design--has raised $230,000 of its goal of $1,300,000.

The foundation and the Law School Fund will continue their Capital drives, but new fund campaign elsewhere in the University will probably receive more attention. Plans remain indefinite.

Some special project, perhaps scholarships, should be presented for College alumni support in the near future. There has been no capital drive, appealing to College men since the war. With University needs greater than ever, it is unlikely that College alumni will remain unsolicited much longer.

Without a capital drive a great deal of money has still come in from College men, but many of these donations have been restricted and have not met the College's most urgent needs.

A $6,000,000 drive to aid the revision of the Divinity School may be in the offing. If the Corporation approves the suggestions, a drive would be opened that would appeal--like this year's Business School campaign-to corporations and foundations. Very little support would be expected from Divinity School alumni because of their low incomes.

Whether or not the proposals about federal aid to medical schools are settled, the organization of drives over at the medical center should start in the near future.

While the Medical School's possible campaign--now in the discussion stage would be to lessen its deficit, the school of public Health is considering an extensive expansion program that could only by seasoned by funds from a public drive.

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