III Gov Professors Return

Charles R. Cherington '35, associate professor of Government, will return to the University this February to give the second semester of Government Regulation of Industry. Ruport Emerson '22, professor of Government, has already returned to his duties as chairman of the department.

Both men were forces to take leaves of absence last March due to ill health.

The preliminary listing of courses had given this fall and ommitted in the spring. This arrangement was reversed when it was learned that Cherington could teach this spring.

Robert G. McCloskey, assistant professor of Government, who took over as acting Secretary of the Littauer Center of Public Administration in Cherington's absence, will continue to hold that post for the current academic year.

Emerson will teach Problems in International Administration this fall and Nationalism in International Relations this spring.

Cherington was suffering from a heart ailment and Emerson had a stomach disorder.