Lamont Opens Doors Monday

Lamont Library begins its fourth academic term on Monday under a policy described by Librarian Philip J. McNiff as "business as usual, with some expansion of services."

Mc Niff expects that the new undergraduate library may have larger clientele this year because of the draft exemption rule for students in the upper half of their class. Scholars in the upper half of their class. Scholars attempting to pilfer books for longer study however, will be confronted again with last year's fine of 75 cents per late book.

One major innovation made during the summer in Lamont was the setting up of a "new book" shelf on the main level. All new titles will be filed on this shall for several weeks before librarians place them in their correct classifications.

Music and poetry listening hours were held periodically during summer school and McNiff is now considering the feasibility of continuing this program during the winter.

College freshmen may obtain a pre-study preview of the $8,000,000 library this week. Tours will be conducted on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 2, 3, and 4 p.m.