M.I.T. Picks O'Donnell To Coach Basketball

Recent coaching shifts have brought Cleo O'Donnell, captain of the 1946 football team, back to Cambridge as varsity basketball coach at M.I.T. and have sent a Princeton crow coach to Yale.

James Rathschmidt, in charge of Princeton lightweight rowing before the war and head freshman coach since 1946, succeeds Allen (Skip) Walz, who resigned to enter private industry. His 1942 150-pound crew established a record for the Henley distance at Carnegie Lake which still stands. He has also enjoyed considerable success with his freshman crews.

On Tuesday, Princeton named its 1949 varsity crew captain, Peter V.W. Gardner, to replace Rathschmidt.

O'Donnell succeeds Warren Berg, former College athlete, who gave up his basketball and baseball posts in order to accept a business position.