New Graduate Dorms Meet With Approval

Some Criticize Rooms

Students in the Graduate Center are giving the new buildings warm praise. Small points about the structures are drawing criticism, but almost all of the residents soon to feel that the dorms are "good things, long overdue."

Several residents called the buildings "modern architecture at its best" with the usual offensive features avoided. Men also praised the Center as a "little community by itself" which will give the graduate students some of the advantages that undergraduates now have.

The first "bug in the works" appeared this week when an unsuspecting man walked through a glass partition in the Commons Building.

The negative reactions to the new dorms center around the desire for economy having led the rooms to be "tiny."

Also attacked are the transoms that let hall light into each room while the occupants are trying to sleep. Some residents seemed to think that the rooms were not too well ventilated.

"I have to forget about my privacy and keep my door open to get the proper ventilation," said one man.

Men who had seen the "luxurious" Houses recognized that they could not expect the same thing to be constructed today because of the high cost of building.

Final endorsement of the Graduate Center came when men expressed the wish that finances had permitted a larger center so that more students could have been accommodated.