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In as much as Vag was the life of the party, he felt extra gracious it telling the host to stay where he was, that he would answer the doorbell himself. He found no one at the door but the doorbell kept ringing and ringing. Vag studied the situation. He concluded, finally, that it was the alarm clock and he woke up. With his eyes half open, he reached out to the chair beside his bed, shut off the alarm and groped for his calendar of "Things To Do Today" to find out that parties were going on.

But his self-instructions read "get ec hymarx" and "borrow George's notes." Vag looked around for his gooseneck lamp to turn it on and make sure he read correctly, but he couldn't find it. He looked around the dimly lit room and realized that he was back at school. Vag droopped the calendar on the floor, lay back with his eyes shut and began to make an adjustment.

Later in the day, Vag entered the bookstore and walked up to the girl at the counter. He asked her "Do you have a hymarx for the economics of... Rit! What are you doing here?"

"I just couldn't bear the thought of being at Sarah Lawrence and seeing you only on weekends," came to Cambridge and got a job here."

"You mean you're not still score about New Year's Eve?" Vag asked.

"Oh, that," she said. "Everyone's entitled to take the lid off once in a while. And I think that when two people..."

"You're very understanding," Vag whispered, Leaning over the counter. And in a normal voice, he asked "Shall we dance?"

"I'd love to," she said.

They danced in and out of each of the alcoves in a way which reminded Vag of the chapter he had read on "The Cyclical Flow of Economic Activity." Then they moved into the main part of the store; the other couples who were dancing withdrew to make room for Vag and Rita. President Conant, as he was retreating to the sidelines with his wife, gave Vag a smiling nod.

When the orchestra finished the number, Vag found his Economics section man applauding in front of the Modern Library shelves. Vag walked over with Rita and introduced her. The section man whispered to Vag that Rita was the most beautiful girl at the dance. He also said, in answer to Vag's question, that the "D" he had gotten on the hour exam was of absolutely no importance. "The final's the thing," he said, "and I'm sure you'll find it a lead-pipe cinch if you read the hymarx."

The music began to play again and Vag and Rita excused themselves. After a few bars, the section man tapped Vag on the shoulder to cut in. Vag was annoyed but he did not want to alienate him so he told him to come back later. But the section man followed Vag as he tried to dance away and kept sharking his shoulder. "Vag, wake up," he said.

Vag opened his eyes. It was his roommate and he was telling Vag that he had 20 minutes to get to class. Vag nodded and slowly got out of bed. He walked over to the desk and got a pencil, then sat down on the edge of his bed, and picked up his calendar of "Things To Do Today" and made another note. It said: "Write apology letter to Rita."

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