Worcester Academy Whips '55 Eleven, 13-0, in Stadium

Bob Margarita's varsity farm club looked strong on defense but sparse on offense an it bowed to Worcester Academy, 13 to 0, Saturday in the Stadium.

The freshmen showed elderly that they still did not have their offensive patterns operating smoothly, but the play of the first defensive line left little to be desired in the way of immediate improvement. Worcester, a team loaded with former high school stars on the way up to major football colleges, responsively found its attack bogged down by the hard-playing '55 line, led by guards Tim Anderson and Phill Perera, center Bill Toohey, and end Bob Cochran.

But it was an entirely different story when the yardlings had the ball. The freshmen did manage to pick up ten first downs, but they were able to get only one core really going, that in the opening minutes of the games.

Taking the ball on their own 41, the Yardlings marched all the way to the Worcester four on the running of George McDonald and Paul Murphy and in apportions 18 yard roughing penalty. Here, however, Worcester's Don Wellman broke through to spill Frank White for an 11 Yard loss, and the only real freshman threat had failed.

Worcester won the game with two quick third period touchdowns. Margarita started the second defensive line in the third quarter and Worcester seemed able to move almost at will through it. Six plays after the kickoff Jim Guglietta smashed through counter to put Worcester ahead.

The clincher came a few seconds later when Jim Joslyn intercepted a Crimson pass on the 50 and ran the ball all the way to the 13 yard line before McDonald finally pulled him down. Two plays later Nick Dion ran nine yards through tackle for the score. Not a linebacker was within' ten yards of him.

Joslyn and Joe Conzelman of the freshmen staged a punting duel, with the prep school athlete gaining the best end of the competition. Conzelman averaged just under 30 yards, while Joslyn had an amazing 43 yard average on four kicks