Clasby Remains Out; Stargel Shifts to End

The two gearing facts culled from yesterday's football practice were that outstanding tailback Dick Clasby may see no action against Army on Saturday and that huge Bob Stargel may be switched from tackle to defensive end.

Clasby, suffering from a bruised hip, did not scrimmage with the varsity in practice last week and saw very limited service against Cornell. The Crimson's top passer has not had contact work yet this week. According to Coach Lloyd Jordan. If Clasby is unable to scrimmage before Saturday he may not play at all.

The transfer of Stargel from tackle to and is not too much of a surprise. The 202-pound junior, fairly fast for a player his size, alternated between the two positions on the '53 freshman team.

With Gil O'Neil handling all the first quarterback duties yesterday, Dusty Burke and John McNamara worked at tailback, John Culver and Tom Ossman at fullback, and John Ederer at wingback, while Bill Healy operated well at both wing and tailback.