Watson Spurns Miss Radcliffe '55 But Army Rally to Go On Anyhow

Associate Dean Watson yesterday refused to allow Linda Bartlett, Miss Radcliffe '55, to appear at a pre-Army game rally planned for Friday night.

Head Cheerleader David Cabot '53, said Watson told him, "We may favor joint classes with Radcliffe, but we'll keep them out of our athletic events forever."

Linda Barlett, contacted last night, was completely undismayed by Dean Watson's order barring her from appearing at the rally. "Well," she said, "If they don't want me ..."

University Police Chief Alvin R. Randall, shouting, "No, no, somebody might get hurt" also frustrated Cabot's efforts to enliven a parade before the rally. Randall refused him permission to lead the march in an antique auto, and said the University band could not march through a line of posts between Winthrop and Kirkland Houses, for fear of possible injury.

However, Cabot announced the rally would still go on Friday night at 7:30 p.m. in front of the Blockhouse, with Coach Lloyd Jordan and members of the football team scheduled to speak. The head cheerleader hinted "some woman" may still appear "to lead a few cheers" but would not explain how he planned to subvert the Watson ruling.

The pre-rally parade will start at 7 o'clock Friday night from University Hall. The Band, in an attempt to rouse more men from the Houses, will stop and give brief concerts three times en route. One will take place in front of Claverly Hall, the second at the intersection of Mill and Plympton Streets, and the third at the corner of Mill and Holyoke.