Grades Improved As 37.2% Attain Dean's List Rank

Uncertanty about draft status had little effect on grades in the College last year, according to figures released yesterday by Registrar Sargent Kennedy '28.

The number of men on the Dean's List in June, 1951 was almost 5 percent greater than the total in January, and almost 3 percent greater than the June, 1950 totals. Almost two-fifths of the College, or 37.2 percent, attained Dean's List status, compared with 32.3 in January, and 34.9 in June, 1950.

In order to be in the upper half, a student had to be somewhere in the middle of Group IV, since over three-fifths of the school had Group IV status or higher. While 2.6 percent of the College achieved Group I ranking, the Class or 1951 led with 6.1 at the top. The Seniors also led in Dean's List honors, with 54.6, over half the class attaining that rank.

The breakdown of rank lists in the College for June, 1951, is: Group I, 2.6 percent; Group II, 12.0; Group III, 22.6; Group IV, 24.2; Group V, 19.0; Group VI, 1.6; Unsatisfactory, Incomplete, and Withdrawals, 18.0.