Send MacArthur as Jap Ambassador: Brewster

Martin, Fair bank Flay Senator In Hotly Contested Debate At First Law School Forum

Senator Owen Brewster (R-Me) advocated sending General MacArthur as ambassador to Japan in the opening Law School Forum last night.

Stressing a diplomatic approach towards Japanese problems, he said that MacArthur has handled the occupation of Japan with tact and delicacy.

Robert "Pepper" Martin and John K. Fairbank '29, professor of History, both disagreed with Brewster's proposal. "MacArthur would be a bad appointment," said Martin, "because he could not shake his psychological and emotional background of five years as virtual dictator of Japan."

Fairbank and Martin repeatedly rebuked Brewster's attempt to blame the Democratic administration for the China Casio.

Japan "Great Hope"

The three men agreed that the recent San Francisco peace treaty is a sign of political maturity in this country and success in our foreign relations. They agreed on the importance of a strong and democratic Japan as "the one great hope to peace in the Orient."

Brewster repeatedly said that there must be a minimum of interference in Japanese problems. He spoke against Martin's proposal to send economic aid to Japan "with no strings attached."

Fairbank proposed the continuation of Japanese trade with China and increased American trade with Japan.