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Dirty politics is back of current McCarthy and McCarran anti-Communist investigations, John K. Fairbank "29, professor of History, told a capacity audience at a Liberal Union-sponsored forum in Emerson D last night.

Charging that anti-communism is being manipulated to undermine our system. Frairbank described what he termed "irresponsible" Congressional tactics aimed at discrediting the State Department.

"In our intellectual frustration over not being able to understand China," he said, "even such men as Harold Stassen are inadvertantely led to invent things." Fairback was referring to Stassen's charge that Owen Lattimore submitted a ten point pro-Communist plan at a 1949 Far Eastern Policy talk.

Stassen's testimony was refuted yesterday when State Department officials called the points "a figment of his imagination."

Blasting as "ridiculous" charges by two Northwestern University professors that he was a Chinese Communist sympathizer. Edwin O. Reischauer, associate professor of Far Eastern Languages, characterized current hysteria as "short term." "Right now we're acting like children," he told the forum.

Taking a less optimistic view, Rupert Emerson '22, professor of Government, declared that America was now suffering from a "creeping paralysis" which will probably worsen with the approach of the presidential elections.

"At a time when we most need searching analysis," he said, "our minds and ears are closed to all but officially accepted views."

Universities should not expect much Supreme Court protection from Congressional attacks, professor of Law Mark De Wolfe Howe '28 told the audience. Teachers must stop compromising on such vital issues as loyalty oaths, and stand up for first principles, he maintained.

"Only then, Howe affirmed, can we preserve ourselves from the obscene invasions of a Senator McCarthy and the traitorous invasions of professors from Northwestern."

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