Beer, Bundy Say Welfare State Will Go On Despite Tory Victory

Tory government or no Tory government. England is going to continue a socialistic state. "But Churchill would even be prepared to rule a Britain that was feudal." These were the comments of Samuel H. Beer, associate professor of Government, in last night's Election Forum at Adams House.

On the program with Beer was McGeorge Bundy, associate professor of Government, and Alan K. Campbell, the moderator.

Bundy thought Churchill, working with his war-time colleague, Eden, would do better than the Labourites in foreign affairs. Churchill's popularity in the United States would be particularly good for Anglo-American cooperation, and differences such as those over Iranian oil or recognition of Peiping would probably not arise. But Bundy thought sections of the Republican Party here had shown "bootless ignorance" in thinking they now had "one of their own men over there."

At home, he thought Churchill would do little. He quipped: "Churchill's cutting of the salaries of his cabinet ministers, (announced yesterday) is probably the only economic decision he will be prepared to make during his whole term."