Zoll Publishes 'Reducator' List of Women's Colleges

A new "Reducators" list, this time naming instructors at women's colleges, will be circulated within the week, the CRIMSON learned yesterday. Allan A. Zoll, Executive Vice President of the National Council for American Education, publisher of the report which accuses teachers at Wellesley, Smith, Sarah Lawrence and other schools of Communist tendencies, said that it was "quite revealing."

Miss Margaret Clapp, President of Wellesley, was asked if she had heard of the new Zoll report and said "I have, but I guess one can't do anything about it."

Dr. Benjamin F. Wright, President of Smith, told the CRIMSON yesterday "I haven't seen it yet, and I have no idea of his evidence. If he has any. I suppose he isn't very careful about his evidence."

President Harold Taylor of Sarah Lawrence had not heard of the report, but said that Zoll was a dangerous person.

Sought Control Bill

Zoll, a Law School student in 1919-20, created a furor in Cambridge last year when his "Reducators at Harvard" fell into the hands of City Councilman John D. Lynch. The list accused 76 faculty members of association with 124 "subversive" groups.

Lynch tried to get the City Council to investigate the professors and pass a Communist control bill. However, the motion died when City Solicitor John Daly maintained that false accusations would be libelous.

When asked about the purpose of his organization. Zoll said. "We're trying to drive the Socialists and Communists out of American universities, and I suppose we have quite a field down at Harvard."

Zoll was instrumental in getting Willard Goslin fired as Superintendent of Schools at Pasadena, California last year. Zoll was formerly National Commander of the "American Patriots, Inc." When New York's Station WMCA dropped Father Coughlin from its programs in 1938, Zoll was indicted for attempting to extort $7,500 from the station's president in return for calling off a picket line his group had thrown about the building. He was never convicted.

Many Lists Published

Some of his other publications include Reducator lists on the faculties of Yale, Stanford, the University of Chicago, and the University of California. He has also published "They Want Your Child," "American Higher Education. Its Betrayal of Trust and Faith," and "Harvard Crimson Harvard," which is a reprint of the six articles written last year by reporter Eugene Griffin, who came to Cambridge to investigate for the Chicago Tribune.

Zoll refused to give any further comment about his activities except to cite the CRIMSON'S Academic Freedom Issue of last spring which mentions his group in connection with "Reducators at Harvard."

"If you want to know more about my organization, read the filthy lies the Harvard CRIMSON has been spreading about me."