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Three investigators from the Alcoholic Tax office, Bureau of Internal Revenue, yesterday uncovered evidence of illegal stills in several rooms during a search through the Houses. Although the men could not enter student rooms alone without warrant, they gained the sanction from the University police.

The trio did not reveal any details about what was found, but a report is due tomorrow.

David Binder '53 was the first visited by the group. He claimed last night that his was the only room visited in Leverett House. Housemaster Leigh Hoadley was there during the questioning.

Binder denied ever having made a still. He said, "Someone is trying to make me the patsy." He tole the men that "the only liquor we've been making here is the potion for Leverett's production of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'The Sorcerer'."

The revenuers also questioned Binder's roommate, Richard Farrington '52. In what he described as "a move to trap me," they asked if he came from Tennessee. (Farrington doesn't)

The head of the investigation unit, who asked that his name not be printed, emphasized that none of the students operating stills would be sued for the taxes on their unregistered equipment, or be taken into court.

"We just want to get those stills broken up," said the investigator. "We'll be looking for others, but the kids here would be smart to break them up first and never start them again."

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