Weather Bureau Advises Against Driving; Roads Ice

Six Inch Snow Expected to Hit Boston By-Passes Area as Southern Warm Mass Arrives

The U.S. Weather Bureau last night issued a special bulletin warning motorists in all Northeastern states to "exercise caution and to postpone motor travel whenever and wherever possible" because of sleet and freezing rain or snow expected early this morning.

A threatened six inch snowatorm by-passed the Boston area early today and a mass of warm air from the south took its place. The Weather Bureau said that eastern and southern New England will miss freezing rain and light snow.

However, the Weather Bureau said that the snow and freezing rains would bring hazardous driving in the interior sections of New England. The Bureau said that the warm air mass was "having difficulty overcoming the cold air with the result that those areas would receive several inches of snow and perhaps ice on top of it."

The bureau stated: "Hazardous driving conditions due to sleet, freezing rain or snow are expected to continue today over cost of the northeastern states. Some improvement is expected in eastern Virginia, eastern Maryland, Delaware and southern New Jersey, where temperatures are expected to remain above freezing tonight, but rain in these areas will continue to make night driving hazardous."

Meanwhile, a huge snowstorm piled up gigantic drifts in the Mid-West. Transportation around Chicago was paralyzed yesterday and a storm threatened the snow-logged city today. Up-state New York is already buried under many inches of snow.

Connecticut state police reported that rain and freezing sleet fell over most of the Merrit Parkway throughout the night. Some traffic was being transferred to route one. However, they said that the road would be well sanded and open to all traffic today.