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Unrestricted Funds Cannot Be Used for Graduate Degrees In Field, Buck Group Says

By Frank B. Gilbert

The three-year battle to return Geography to an important place in the University curriculum has failed. Provost Buck announced yesterday there will be no increase in Geography courses or research for the time being.

The Committee on Educational Policy, headed by Buck, has rejected the use of any additional unrestricted funds to permit the offering of graduate degrees in Geography.

At the same time, Buck's committee feels that the University should "welcome" gifts restricted for the "promotion of the study of geography."

Scuttle McKay Plan

The latter step was a concession to the special faculty committee led by Donald C. McKay, professor of History. McKay's group urged last April a separate department of Geography to offer degrees at the graduate level.

The Geography issue arose in 1948 when an "economy" move terminated the appointments of two teachers in the field and abolished it as a field of concentration.

Even before its de-emphasis, the courses in the field did not have independent status because they were under the Department of Geology and Geography.

Gift Horse

A member of McKay's committee said that the willingness today to accept gifts for Geography contrasted with the administration attitude in 1948 when statements were made "belittling its importance."

In discussing the final action, McKay said yesterday that his group had only looked into the value of Geography by itself. He added that it had been up to others to place Geography in its perspective and decide whether to spend the money for this or something else.

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