15 Percent Rental Boost, Student Porters Approved

Rate Hike Will Start In Summer School; Board Not Decided

Rents will rise 15 percent in all College dormitories beginning with the Summer School term, Edward Reynolds, Administrative Vice-President, announced yesterday. Similar hikes in graduate school room charges have not been considered.

Reynolds statement indicated that the rent increase is a result of the University's expectation of a one third drop in student enrollment once the draft gains momentum. Such shrinkage in enrollment, he fears, would cause deficits in operation of the dormitories.

Reynolds explained that a deficit in the housing budget must be avoided at all costs lest it put a drain on the educational funds of the College. Provost Buck said a week ago that he is preparing to take a $600,000 to $700,000 deficit in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as a result of lower enrollment. This planning depends on successful financing in other departments of the University.

Density Stabilized

No matter what the drop in enrollment, the College will maintain the present density of occupancy in all dormitories. This may mean closing certain dormitories and sections of Houses, Reynolds said, and plans for this eventuality already exist.


Announcement of the rent jump had been expected earlier in the month but the University had to ascertain that the projected increase did not fall under jurisdiction of the January 26 price freeze. This freeze does not effect rents, it was discovered.

In order that the rent burden will not be too severe for students, there will be no more deconversion to pre-war occupancy standards.

A $1-a-week rise in board charges is still awaiting clarification by the Price Stabilization Board.