Common May Be Made Into Parking Area

College Blamed for Congestion, But Is 'Reluctant' to Prevent Students from Having Cars

Cambridge may turn the Common into a giant, tree-studded parking lot next year, if the suggestion of architect William Galvin is approved in the City Traffic Board. Galvin proposed the plan yesterday at a Traffic Board suggestion meeting.

The board put out a pamphlet this fall, suggesting several changes to relieve the congestion. Yesterday's meeting was held to hear ideas from members of the Square Businessmen's Association.

In the pamphlet, it was suggested that parking be done away with on lower Boylston Street, next to Eliot and Kirkland Houses. Thomas W. Cazmay, Jr., secretary of the Association, said that if this were done, businessmen on or near the Square would have no place to park during the day.

Some members of the Association felt that students' cars caused many of the traffic tie-ups here. Charles C. Pyne, assistant to the vice-President, replied that the problem was parking at night, not in the day.

When asked if the University would prohibit students from bringing cars to school, Pyne answered it would be "reluctant" to do so.

Another plan was for the erecton of a cage garage. This would resemble a chicken crate, have no solid walls, and be cheap to build. Gilbert Greenwood, representing the Church Street Garage, said that he thought it was "unfair for the city to go into competition with the garages already in the Square."