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By Rudolph Kass

It's bean five days since the Cambridge (England by Jove) crew first began practice on the Housatonic, and ever since dispatches have been coming up from New Haven claiming the Britishers are better than good.

The visiting oarsmen will row Yale Saturday at Derby and the Crimson, M.I.T., and B.U. on Patriots Day. So far as condition goes, Cambridge is way ahead of its American opposition. All through the winter, its oarsmen practiced on open water in preparation for the March race with Oxford.

Several of the oarsmen on the current Cambridge crew rowed in the Lady Margaret boat which lost to the Crimson in the Grand Challenge Cup finals at Henley, England, last July. Harvard didn't have very much trouble in its overseas races but this time the foreign opposition may be more formidable. Assuming that Oxford wasn't totally hapless, Cambridge must have something, else it wouldn't have beaten the Dark Blue by some 15 lengths.

Spectators who have been watching the Englishmen work out have noted their extreme follow-through with particular interest. English oarsmen "row" the oar out of the water, which dictates a much further lay-back following each stroke. Americans take their oar from the water before the full stroke is completed.

Rowing enthusiasts who watched closely also raised eyebrows when the Cambridge coxswain, John S. K. Hinde, started his boat with the command, "Forward all . . . paddle." American coxswains yell, "Ready all . . . row."

Cambridge has a 144-pound, five-foot-nine bow man, spectacularly small, by American standards. The oarsman, Harry Almond, is reputed to have an especially polished style, however.

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