Classical Players Pick 'Mostellaria'

"Professional dates" are fine--just don't send your father the bills. That's the moral of this year's Latin play, Plautua's "Mostellaria," which will open a two-day run at Agassiz Theatre April 27.

The play centers about a young Athenian (William T. Vasquez '52) who spends his father's money on a courtesan (Mary Frances Raphael '54). With the help of a crafty slave, the son for a while is able to hide his amorous activities from his father.

When the father finds out what his son is doing, he is filled with puritanical rage, until he learns that his financial loss will be made good by his son's friends.

Brooks Emmons '50 (pictured above) also plays a courtesan.

Others in the cast include Paul T. Broneer '51, Nathan A. Haverstock '53, Marjorie Hill '53, Solomon Hurwitz '53, Roland F. Perkins '52, John E. Rexine '51, and Herbert L. Young '52. Hugh Amory '52 is director, and William J. Hotch '53 is business manager.

As usual, the Classical Players will provide explanatory program notes and a prologue in English for those unfamiliar with Latin.