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President Conant is the target for the Chicago Tribune's latest installment on University "Reds." He is assailed for "Coddling" Communists here and trying to send American boys to European battlefields.

Conant gives his fellow-travelling professors a free hand, the article declares, while he stumps the country for Universal Military Training. While never actually labelling him a "Red," the Tribune describes Conant as a "red hot interventionist."

Furthermore, says Tribune columnist William Fulton, the University president is both an Anglophile and a Francophile. To support this assertion Fulton points out that Conant is a member of the Atheneaum club of London and a commander of the French Legion of Honor.

Fulton admits that Conant has not been identified with "many Stalinoid front groups." But he has, says the columnist, appeared in opposition to loyalty oaths for teachers.

Other members of the faculty attacked in the "expose" are John K. Fairbank '29, professor of History, William E. Hocking '01, Alfred Professor of Natural Religion, emeritus, and University Professor Zechariah Chaffee, Jr. All as described as "leftist."

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