HLU Continues to Support Clothing Unions, Will Boycott Revelation Bras

After a visit to the Revelation Bra Company, the Harvard Liberal Union yesterday announced continued support of the union in its fight for recognition. "We shall continue our lifelong boycott of the company's products," M. Joel Mandelbaum '53, president of the H.L.U., said last night, admitting privately, however, that he had no personal experience with the product.

A delegation of H.L.U. and Annex Students for Democratic Action visited the plant yesterday, at the owners' invitation, to hear their side of the case.

Although the students saw a possibility of some company hostility to the union, the union, at this point, does not represent a majority of the workers.

S.D.A. support of the union's picket line is being withheld temporarily, Margaret P. Byers '53, president, said last night, until the group decides on further action.

The H.L.U. executive board will meet today to determine "whether picketing is the best way to support our convictions."