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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

In the light of unfavorable publicity I should like to express the attitude of the Harvard Liberal Union toward the present Revelation Bra strike.

It must appear that we entered without knowledge, then recanted to neutrality, and became more confused with each new CRIMSON article. Actually our position from the start has been fairly consistant.

We picketed last Monday as part of a large one-day demonstration of support to the I.L.G.W.U., a union which has done a great deal to aid the causes in which we believe. We learned that the strike was organizational in nature, and believing that at this time a stronger I.L.G. means a stronger liberal movement we voted to help them, meanwhile attempting on short notice to check with impartial sources in whom we had confidence. At the time we did not plan to participate in day to day picketing.

At the earliest opportunity, a committee interviewed management and non-striking workers, and reported to our executive board, in general upholding the union position. The motion passed at that meeting included "sympathy" with the union and "doubt" as to management's methods. It included a statement that "we cannot support picketing as it will do no good." Our position had not changed appreciably from what it had been in the first place.

We have since continued to examine the case, and have determined that picketing may help speed settlement and have voted to send pickets on more regular basis. Our decision followed a meeting at which representatives of both labor and management were present. Our action is still consistent with our original stand.

The confusion over our actual position is not surprising in view of the fact that there has been disagreement among our own board members as to what our course of action should be; we do not blame the CRIMSON in any way for the erroneous view of our position that may have resulted from its articles. M. Joel Mandelbaum '52   President, H.L.U.

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