Three 150 Crews Race Tech Today

Coach Bert Haines will send his 150 crews in against M. I. T. again today on the Charles. Last week the varsity, jayvee, and freshman 150s defeated the Techmen. The jayvees and the yardlings will race Tabor as well as this afternoon.

The freshmen will race at 2 p.m., the jayvees at 2:20 p.m., the jayvees at 2:20 p.m., and the varsity at 2:40 p.m.

Jerry Wells is back again as stroke of the varsity, while Dick Lincoln will be in the same place for the jayvees.

The boatings:

Varsity 150-stroke, Wells; 7, Watkins; 6, Burns; 5, Wetmore; 4, Benson; 3, Barrett; 2, Allen; bow, J. Brown; cox, Chadwick.

J. V.-Stroke, Lincoln; 7, Kahrl; 6, Herbst; 5, Morgan; 4, House; 3, Gillies; 2, Beggs; bow, Ames; cox, Gordon.

Freshmen-stroke, LaPorte; 7, Schlaikjer; 6, Cole; 5, Seed; 4, Barnard; 3, Blum; 2, Watson; bow, Harrington; cox, Williams.