Exhibit Honoring Lafayette Opens In Fogg Today

Designed to coordinate with civic ceremonies on Saturday, July 14, when the Mayor of Boston will honor the 2000th anniversary of Paris in ceremonies with the French Consul General of Boston, an exhibition in honor of Lafayette opens in the Fogg Museum today.

In addition to several likenesses of Gilbert Motier de Lafayette, the first draft of an honorary degree presented by Harvard to the Marquis in October 21, 1784, will be on display in the main courtyard through the balance of the week.

The treasurer of the College recorded the occasion with an entry on the books reading, "1 dinner for the Marquis de la Fayette, 15 pounds 19 shillings."

Also on display is an order from the French monarch commanding Lafayette to defend Paris during the Revolution of 1789 and his French National Guard sword.

To the left of the case is pinned the royal banner of fleur de lis which Lafayette carried leading his French troops under General Washington during the American Revolution.