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Divided Homeland:


"My people, the Koreans, blame both the United States and Russia for the existing conflict in our country," stated Han Young Rim at an interview yesterday. Rim, an education graduate student at Columbia University for the past three years, is attending the Summer School on a scholarship.

"There is hostility in Korea towards both sides, Rim observed, because of the initial division of his country after the Japanese defeat. When asked his views concerning the South Korean government, Rim points out that the 38th parallel is merely an artificial line made for political reasons, and that he and his countrymen do not want any kind of a separation.

Through correspondence with his family who are in Korea, Rim learned of his wife and child's 100 mile five-day flight from Seoul to Taegu on foot.

Rim is hopeful that some day his country will be unified. "Then we will have a Korean type of government fashioned after the democratic nations. I am very anxious for a unified central government once more, and for U.N. help in our program. I hope many American young men and women will come in and help with our education, social, and missionary work," he commented.

Rim was strong in his support of Syngham Rhee '10, President of the South Korean government. He maintained that Rhee is merely being used as a scapegoat in the present struggle. Rhee was elected, Rim said, by popular vote because the people backed him. Now an unfair attempt is being made to place all the blame upon his shoulders.

Mr. Rim is one of the 400 Korean students who are attending American universities, and one of the 50 who are receiving financial aid from either the Korean government or from our state department. All the men and women are intending to return to their native land to lead the rebuilding movement. While here, though, Mr. Rim finds the hospitality and the spirit of friendship pervading the University very enjoyable. "I am very happy with the people here. The only trouble is that I eat too much ice-cream."

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