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Two Europeans who had been captives of each other's nations during the second world war amicably shared the platform in Lamont Library last night and agreed that the future for their respective countries was irrevocably bound up with the West.

Heinz Massberg, now a judge in Brunswick, Germany, and once an occupation officer of France, urged that "we must forget the tragic mistakes of the past, and realize that Germany's destiny lies with the West."

Youngest Priest

Father Jammes of France, who was once a prisoner of the Gestapo and in 1943 was the youngest priest in the world, commented on the spiritual resolution of his country.

"The fact that one Frenchman out of four voted for the Communists in the last election does not mean that this man would not fight for France, even if attacked by the Soviet Union," he said.

He noted that much French communistic ballot strength comes from local unrest and discontent, and does not represent approval of Russia's international ambitions so much as a desire for reform.

An audience of 75 participated in this "discussion of contemporary European problems" by pressing the speakers, particularly Massberg, with questions.

Fascist Resurgence

Several interrogators were disturbed about the revival of neo-nationalistic and fascist groups in Germany.

To these criticisms Massberg replied that his country had suffered a great deal, and that Germany could never emerge from its crippled state unless other countries "had faith in her."

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