The Mail

Release of Inner Tensions

To the Editor of the Harvard CRIMSON:

My attention has just been called to a news story in the Boston Post of July 13th, in which it stated that the editors of your magazine announced that "girlie magazines" are far ahead in the spare time reading habits of Harvard students. As publisher of the six most popular girlie books in the field, the results of your survey were most gratifying to me, since it adds weight to several theories I have evolved on this subject:

1. Normal men of virtually all I.Q. brackets not only like the company of pretty girls, but they also enjoy looking at pictures of same.

2. While the publications you describe as "intellectual quarterlies, poetry magazines, and science journals" have a valued and respected place in our culture, the chaotic world conditions of today create an urgent need for escape and release of inner tensions brought about by the threat of impending global doom.

Girlie books fill that need. Is there any more pleasant way of taking one's mind off the woes of mankind than by gazing at pictures of beautiful girls?

To add further interest to this discussion, I would also bring with me several of our models to assist me in a visual presentation of the more fascinating aspects of girlie magazines from production line to presentation to psychological reaction of the reader. Bob Harrison,   Publisher.