Business School Appoints Nine Graduate For One Year Positions in Case Research

Appointments for the positions of Research Assistants and Research Associates for the coming year have been made by the Graduate School of Business Administration, Mary E. Osgood, Secretary of the School announced.

These one-year appointments are open only to graduates of the school, and a limited number of them are annually available to doctoral candidates seeking financial aid.

The Research Assistants and Research Associates are the men who dig up and organize cases for use in the casemethod, classdiscussion type of instruction the School features.

The following men have been appointed for the coming year: Marvin A. Asnes '51, Research Asst., Advanced Production Problems; Vernon Alden '50, Administrative Asst. to Dean; Phillip S. Borden '50, Research Assoc., Elements of Administration-General; Charles G. Ellington '49, Research Assoc., Elements of Administration-General; Willis D. Gradison, Jr. '51, Research Asst., Invests Management; John M. Hamilton '49, search Assoc., 2nd year Account Robert A. McNearney '51, Research Assoc., Mobilization Analysis Center; Peter Massey, Jr., Research Assoc., Mobition Analysis Center; George M. Wmore, Jr. '51, Research Asst., Mobilization Analysis Center.

Other Appointments

Other changes in the faculty incl the promotion of Arthur H. Tully, as director of the Associates and following five men to the position Associate Professor of Business Administration: Thornton F. Bradshaw, E. beth A. Burnham, John V. Lintner, Fert O. Schlaifer, and Charles M. William.

Leonard Marks, Jr., Martin V. Marsh Powell Niland, and Donald R. Sch have been promoted to Assistant Professors of Business Administration W. Francis L. Foster and S. Leonard K are new Assistant Professors of Reseals in Business Administration.