Army Takes ROTC Men After June Graduation

Most of Graduates Will Enter Reserve; Half of Yard Enroll In Units; College Plans Survey

Army officials announced yesterday that the Army would call into actin military service almost all the Reserve Officer Training Corps students to be commissioned into the Army Reserve this spring. The ruling affects all seniors in the College's unit.

The Army said that the policy would concern about 11,000 students all over the country who had been deferred from induction by the Selective Service under the R.O.T.C. agreement. The agreement allowed the students to finish their college education. The ruling affects non-veterans and veterans who served less than two years in World War II.

Some parts of the College's R.O.T.C. program have doubled in the last year, as 50 percent of the class of '55 joined units. The Air Corps branch led the increase as 235 freshmen, compared, to last year's 75 Yardlings, bolstered the Corps total to 440, 230 more men than last year. By the end of registration week the Air Force was forced to switch some freshmen to the Army group.

Army Enrollment Up 100

The Army unit's enrollment jumped from 190 cadets to 290, as Colonel Summerall accepted all qualified freshmen.

President Conant has already announced that the College is planning a survey to determine the affect of the R.O.T.C. on the undergraduate's choice of concentration and his work in that field. The large amount of time a cadet spends in the Corps, four or five hours a week for four years, and the astounding increase in the size of the units, motivated the survey.