Graduate Enrollment Same

Business, Law, Design Schools Expect No More Draft Trouble

No marked drop in enrollment in graduate schools was reported by the admissions offices of the Law and Business Schools, and the Graduate School of Design yesterday.

Applications to the three schools have been no more affected by the draft this year than last. Although last spring's draft scare was expected to decrease this year's enrollment, applications have equalled or exceeded last year's totals.

What the draft boards will do in the future is still a matter of speculation, but the admissions offices believe that unless there is a drastic change, the present system will continue for the coming year. The draft situation, as it stands now, allows a student to finsh the academic your if he maintains a sufficient class standing or does well on the deferment test.

Approximately 30 graduate students in the military reserve have been called back to service, but less than ten have then drafted. Some men, however, expecting a possible call to military service who have applied to and been accepted by the graduate schools, have decided to fulfil their Army requirements before entering. Once accepted into a graduate school, a student can go into the Army and then come back to the school without re-applying. Most students, however, if they are accepted, get Army deferments.