Smoker Must Be 'Private Party' to Serve Any Liquor

Freshmen have no chance of obtaining liquor for the March 10 Freshman Smoke unless they find a way to show that that the affair is a "private party," Police Chie Patrick F. Ready said yesterday.

"If they don't charge, they can get the beer," Ready stated. Following the decision by the Cambridge Licensing Board Tuesday, however, one of its members John Quinn, pointed out that liquor companies or stores would be very doubtful about selling beer to such a group with out a license even though the actual affair was private.

Ready said that the Licensing Board made the decision because "all the boys there are minors now, while five years ago most of them were G.I.s." He denied that the action was part of a general crack-down, but that the board is trying to prevent minors from being illegally served. When questioned about beer at last year's Smoker, he said "I don't know if the boys had beer then."

Smoker Committee members reportedly were planning to attempt to get the beer in some other legal way.