Varsity Harriers Open Tough Year At Franklin Field

Coach Bill McCurdy starts his cross country boys this afternoon on what promises to be one of the toughest seasons of recent years. Brown and Northeastern will be the first opponents at 8:45 p.m. on Franklin Field.

McCurdy figures he can win or lose his varsity race depending on how his second wave of runners finish. Juniors Hal Gerry and Hubie Maguire, his two standouts, should be up with the winners. Trailing them should come the second pair of his big four juniors, Captain Emil San Soucie and Bruce Phillips.

The other starters are Bob Swett, Al Blaylock, Frank Nahigian, Marsh Childs. Bill Chrisman, Frank Bidwell, and Larry Mann. They will have to come through to force their opponents' last three men into scoring high.

Brown lost its first meet to Yale, but the Bruins' front runner, Walt Molineaux, took first place. Yale got the next seven places so that McCurdy figures to score in that bracket.

The freshmen will have to win by taking the top few places. Brown's freshmen have both depth and balance, and Northeastern's freshmen are unknown. Al Wills appears as the top Yardling runner, and he'll be backed up by Jim Gerry and Jerry Whatmough.