Crimson and Colgate Clash Today at Stadium; Kickoff at 2 p.m. Marks First Meeting of Pair

Red Raiders Have Now Won Three; Crimson Determined to Turn Tide

The varsity will be out to prove to Colgate that a good offense is still the best defense when the Crimson and the Red Raiders play football for the first time ever at the Stadium this afternoon.

Kick-off time will be 2 p.m.

Colgate comes to the Stadium boasting a shiny three-game winning streak, an impressive defensive record and a fine T quarterback in Dick Lalla. Lalla, however, is favoring an injured leg and the Red Raiders' chances depend largely on how successful he is in staying out of harm's way.

The Crimson, on the other hand, is in good physical condition for this one. Only offensive end Hank Rate, hurt against Springfield, is definitely out, Rate's place will be taken by Bob Cochrane.

Both Buddy Lemay and Harvey Popell, who didn't play last week against Washington University of St. Louis, are ready today.


Among close followers of the Crimson, however, the only real question is whether the long-awaited offensive explosion will come today. Although the varsity rolled up 42 points against Washington, it was using only a dozen of the most standard plays, with one exception.

Strategy Works

That exception was the "tackle-around" play, featuring Bob Stargel, called at a key moment to open up the game. The strategy worked; coupled with the fact that outclassed Washington tired rapidly in the late stages of the game, it helped make for an easy victory.

The tackle-around play, a spectacular maneuver, was an indication that the Crimson has lots up its sleeve, to be Probable Lineups (offensive) HARVARD  COLGATE Crowley  (180)  le  Williams  (201) Toepke  (195)  lt  Murdoch  (188) Pappas  (201)  lg  Morrow  (174) Lemay  (192)  c  Vedder  (203) Manos  (200)  rg  Rowe  (183) Stargel  (202)  rt  Day  (211) Cochrane  (190)  re  Chandler  (185) O'Neil  (190)  qb  Lalla  (165) Clasby  (180)  lh  Simmons  (167) Ederer  (190)  rh  Totten  (170) Culver  (215)  fb  Liggett  (185)

used at the right moment.

Indications are that the spectacular may be called for against Colgate, a team owning three straight victories, over Cornell (13 to 7), Buffalo (13 to 0), and Rutgers (13 to 7).

But the opening day upset of Cornell, quite impressive at first, has diminished in importance each succeeding Saturday. Colgate's other two victories have been unimpressive, so the Red Raiders' unbeaten record is deceptive.

Single Wing is Grueling

In the Crimson's favor, Colgate, like Washington last week, will be looking at a single-wing offense for the first time. The single wing, which features two-on-one blocking, wears down the opposition faster.

The Crimson will be seeing nothing new today. The varsity has faced lots of T so far this year, both split (Colgate's variety) and regular. While the Crimson defense has been holding the opposition to 23 points in three games, the offensive group has been averaging that same total--per game.

Today's game then, adds up to a tussle between two rugged oppenents, who have yet to reveal their true strength although they have played three games.

Many factors seem to be in Harvard's favor, particularly the Crimson's proven ability to score points. And football games are usually won by teams which score points