Alcohol Craze Upsets F allFashions With Chic 'Dress to Drink' Spree

Do we dare tell you? It takes courage to face them, to step up confidently with a bright new idea--an idea to let the others know; this is the thing. And it's for you.

Suddenly there's a new clamor for change, lots of change. The merriest madness we've seen in a fashion editor's time is to dress for drinks. The recipe: just a bottle or so, a glass or two and a whirl of the imagination.

We've heard from our little blue birds in austere old London towns that the new rage is, of all things, a Nude Eel. Follow closely:

1 part Cognac

1 part Dubonnet


1 part Chartreuse

1 part Dry Gin

Shake with cracked ice and strain

When it's very dry, the stress is fluidity--the precise line of stiff, streamline elegance. For that delightful slimness, wear jersey, chiffon, or crepe. Green gloves and Chartreuse and the smart dressiness of paste emeralds in tiny, sculptured earrings.

Your date will wear dark grey flannel for its immemorial chic. The shoe is pointed this season, the tie discards the rep lines of last year for the subdued pattern of fall. Let the hair fall where it will, no longer hidden--hats are out this season, the carefully rumpled look is in the wind again.

Now give yourself to a Nude Eel. It's enchanting.

Paris is smart, always smart. It's smart this fall in Paris to drink a toast to peace--a United Nations.

1 part American Applejack

1 part British Scotch

1 part Cuban Rum