Alcohol Craze Upsets F allFashions With Chic 'Dress to Drink' Spree

1 part French Cognac

1 part Holland Gin

1 part Swedish Punch

1 part Vodka

Shake on ice and strain.


Mix your colors, mix your attractions with bloused backs and dipping backs but everything in its right place. High necks taper gracefully to the first contrast of shoulder covers, ornamented on the fringe. Be woolly but be wise. Only one general assembly to an evening.

Steer your beau away from Mt. Auburn street into the distinctive but discreet. Plaid is in taste, with reservations, or throttle his reticence with a sports shirt of grey, blue-grey, green-grey, or flesh--add a string tie. If he's still bashful get him to try a blue suit with a white collar, open at the neck, and a pin-stripe blue shirt. Hide everything under a rumpled macintosh for the final surprise.

Careful. After one internationalist, decline politely.

Foolish Paris was too sure, too tipsy on its enchantment. Now Rome is in the fashion news and its budding designers are obsessed, urgent, and thrilling in a new decadence. On Corso Vittorio emanuele, in the Piazza Ungaria and the Piazza Pantheon--everywhere Rome drinks the timeless Zabaglione. 6 egg yolks  6 tbsp, sugar 8 oz. Marsala, Madeira, or Sherry

Beat the eggs and sugar, stir in the wine, and cook stirring constantly until thick. Eat with a spoon.

For informal abandon give yourself to a vivid shirt knotted at the high waist. Cover a bare midriff with tiny checkers of color in cumberbun style. Slacks are passe, but pedal pushers of black or red, and longer too, will find you bizzaire but in taste. Wear sandals of plain leather with no ornaments.

The man's zeal for correctness is dimmed by the bright, artistic follies of the Roman dress. No more stuffy white shirts--a black, heavy shirt with the top button tied and the collar points narrow fits smoothly underneath a cordaroy brown. Let a bright handkerchief hang from the pocket. Keep the pants light, bright, and your shoes a plain, smart dress loafer.

Embrace the latin grog with temperance. It's smooth but virile.

New York won't stop for lunch, nor will its fashions. So get up early to remember Long Tom. Juice 1/2 Lemon  1 oz. Sugar Syrup 2 oz. dry Gin

Shake with cracked ice and strain.