Alcohol Craze Upsets F allFashions With Chic 'Dress to Drink' Spree

Add cube of ice and slice of orange, and fill with club soda.

Slim but gentle is the order of the day in the city. A smooth jacket, buttoned short of the waist, and giving a pleasant high-waisted look. Wool complimented with sealskin and just plain tweed are busy above and underground--the murmur of the city is the murmur of slenderness and simplicity. Coats are short.

Down to earth for him, in blue, brown, or grey. A plain tie fits every occasion, and the accent is on smartness with a bold dash of devil-may-care. Garters are in stock again--mufflers, gloves and canes are informally ornamental.

Take a long time with Long Tom.

For the Square, for the Yale game, for frostbitten fingers it's a Harvard.


Juice 1/2 Lemon

1 tsp. sugar

8 oz. Applejack

Shake with cracked ice and strain.

Fill with seltzer.

Make every belt a cinch this year, make sweaters the norm for easy acceptance. Corduroy skirts look like wool in Brattle Sq., as well as anywhere else, and "six-footers" keep your collegiate as well as keep you warm. Hug yourself in a man's raincoat with the collar up and the belt tight--socks in white for a welcome surprise.

Stop and think things over, and change. Take up a pipe and drop the stuffy greys and reps. For a shocker give the soft shirt a chance--pants and tie match. Keep the coat and shoes conventional, but spice them with a carnation in the buttonhole and striped laces. No more crew cuts, no more sneakers.

Harvard is brittle but powerful. Treat it with respect.