Six Soccer, Football, Cross Country Teams Meet Dartmouth

Shepard's Unbeaten Jayvee Eleven Faces Uphill Match Here Today

The Crimson junior varsity eleven has built itself an impressive record so far this season. But Coach Norm Shepard's squad comes up against its first really tough opponent--the Dartmouth jayvees--at 2 p.m. today on the J. V. Field.

The Indians last year trampled the Crimson, 33 to 0; the year before that it was 38 to 0. But in 1951, Norm Shepard's team was able to win only one game--and that one a squeaker, 6 to 0 against an offensively weak Yardling team.

This season, on the other hand, the Crimson has already tallied 67 points and won both its games. In the opener, Shepard sprung a three-team system on Nichols, and the Crimson scored a decisive 34 to 0 victory. A week later, the jayvees again showed offensive power as Dean Academy went down, 33 to 14.

"T" Squad Starts Today

As usual, Shepard will start his T-formation squad today, alternating it with the single wing squad and, if necessary, the "extra-point" team.

Dave Silverman and Wally Bregman will be at ends for the "T" squad, with Baird Pfahl and Pete Maloney at the tackles, and juniors Tony Caiml and Fred Horween at the guards. Newly elected captain Buzz Vonderlage will open at center. In the backfield, Walt Greeley will operate at quarterback, Bob Albert at fullback, and Bob Zuege and either Dinney Finney or Dick Hoffman at the halfback posts.