Rate Drills in First Contact Scrimmage Since September

End Hank Rate worked in a contact scrimmage with the varsity yesterday for the first time since he injured his knee against Springfield.

Both offensive and defensive platoons went through long drills, working out some of the post-game Dartmouth stiffness. The jayvees worked from Davidson's combined T-formation-Notre Dame box offense, giving the varsity a long workout on pass defense.

The chief switch in the defensive unit put Bob Cochran, who has played offensive right end since Rate's injury, at halfback, along with Bob Cowles, and safety man Sam Fyock. Art French alternated with Cowles and Cochran.

Tackle Hank Toepke, sidelined for the Colgate and Dartmouth games with a bad ankle, was not in uniform yesterday and probably will not play against Davidson this Saturday. But Hardy Cox, who missed the Dartmouth contest because of an ankle injury, took a light workout and may play this weekend.

A sophomore backfield worked on offense, with Jerry Marsh at quarterback, Paul Murphy at tailback, Frank White at wingback, and George MacDonald at fullback. The first-string backfield of Dick Clasby, Gil O'Neil, John Ederer, and John Culver was excused from practice.

Clasby, Culver, and Ederer handled every running and passing play against Dartmouth, while O'Neil blocked on every play.