Three N.Y.C. Professors Receive Dismissal In First State Feinberg Application

Three New York college professors who refused to answer a Senate committee's questions about Communist party membership on grounds of possible self-incrimination were fired from their positions by the New York Board of Higher Education last Monday night at a special meeting.

The three had been suspended without pay by the presidents of their respective institutions last Friday in the first such action taken under the New York State Feinberg Act.

The 21-member Board of Higher Education acted unanimously after a two-hour meeting.

Dr. Hernard F. Reiss, 45-year-old professor of Psychology and Philosophy, was ousted from the Hunter College faculty where he has taught for 25 years.

Dr. Vera Shlakman, assistant professor of Economics at Queens College, was removed after teaching there for 14 years.


The third professor was Dr. Harry Slochower, for 25 years an associate professor of German at Brooklyn College.

Both Dr. Shlakman and Dr. Slochower appeared before the board to plead for public hearing of the issues. Dr. Reiss was reported ill at his house.