Varsity Debaters Down Holy Cross

"Tolerance cannot be legislated," David L. Rose '53 argued last night, as the debating council defeated Holy Cross's affirmative team on the topic, Resolved: That Congress should pass a compulsory Fair Employment Practice law.

James H. Wolfe '55, the other Crimson debater, pointed out the impracticality of an F.E.P.C. program "which could never be enforced, particularly in the South."

Wolfe and Rose readily conceded the Holy Cross argument that some program to abolish employment discrimination is necessary, but denied the effectiveness of legislation.

Father Francis X. Phoonix of Holy Cross judged the debate.

Freshman Elections

The Freshman Debate Council last night elected officers for the 1952-53 season. Those chosen were: Cliff F. Thompson, president; Robert M. O'Neil vice-president; George M. Fredrickson, treasurer; Elliott D. Wilder, home secretary; Norman D. Connon, corresponding secretary; and Ruben Gittes, public relations.