The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I am a victim of circumstances. A section meeting 2:00 Wednesday prevented me from worming my way into the mass of my classmates struggling for Yale tickets last week. What was I to do? My date, filled with tales of the rivalry's great tradition and color, insists that we "take in the apeciacle," as is her quaint way of speaking.

So I hunted up someone who I knew had gotten several tickets and stated my case. He was very sympathetic, and holding out a bunch of tickets fan-shape he asked me to "pick any two you wish." I was non-plussed.

In my haste and Joy over the fact that now I too would be on hand to cheer for the team, I hardly noticed the price that my acquaintance (he is no longer a friend) had me write on the cheek. Not until later did I fully realize that I had paid eight dollars per ticket!

For a while I was too stunned to act, but finally I managed to examine the ducats. They were in a corner, low, in the end-zone!

It is bad enough that a scalper, a common crook charges eight dollars for end-zone seats, but the HAA charges $4.80, the same price that they charge a man for a seat high on the fifty!

This ganging of the students' pocket-books is disgraceful. Just because the HAA has a good thing in the Yale game, that is no reason why they should take advantage of student loyalty. Let them make up their deficit some other way. Who wants to deal with such a morally corrupt outfit? Let Mr. Lunden beware of arrogance in these days of plenty: next year he may want to sell tickets for the Harvard Ohio University game. Mark Jacob '55