PBK Chooses Sixteen from Class of '53

Nine Lowell House members were among the 16 seniors elected to Phi Beta Kappa over the weekend. Two each were elected from Kirkland and Eliot, while Dunster and Winthrop failed to place a single member in the "senior sixteen."

Those elected were as follows; Leonard Baum, of Brooklyn and Lowell House, Mathematics; Walter Bliss Carnochan, of New York City and Eliot House, Biochemical Sciences; Marshall Leonard Freimer, Brooklyn and Lowell, Mathematics; Martin Slafter Hanna, of Birmingham, Michigan and Leverett, Economics; Charles Swords Hoppin, Huntington, Long Island and Lowell, Architectural Science.

Also elected were Joshua Kurland Kopp, Dorchester, Mass. and Lowell, Physics; Frederick London Moolten, Highland Park, N. J. and Lowell, Biochemistry; Jack Jacob Neusner, West Hartford, Connecticut and Kirkland, History; David Marvin Osnos, Detroit and Kirkland, English; Herbert Victor Prochnow, Jr. Evanston, Illinois and Eliot, Economics.

Gerald Richmond of Dorchester, Mass. and Dudley, George Hubert Stout, St. Louis and Adams, Chemistry; Richard Parks Turner, Dayton, Ohio and Lowell, Linguistics and Romance Languages; Robert Arthur Wallace, of Springfield, Mo. and Lowell, English, and Eric Wolman, of New York and Lowell, Math.; Theodore Donald Dubin, of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Lowell, Biochemical Sciences.