College Probe Unnecessary, All Reds Gone, Lynch Says

City Councillor John D. Lynch yesterday called the proposed House Un-American Activities Committee investigation of the College "entirely unnecessary and a complete waste of time."

"We drove all the Reds out of Harvard two years ago through our action in the City Council," the Councilman said. "Since then Harvard's been pretty clean so far as I can tell."

Reducator List

Lynch was referring to his attempts in 1950 to distribute a list of 68 Harvard professors, including President Conant, to the nine members of the Council, and the chief of police. He also attempted to place it on public file. The list was compiled by the National Council for American Education in New York.

Lynch's attempts were quashed, however, when the City Solicitor termed the list "libellous." This development immediately killed all further Council action on the "Reducator list."

Lynch in commenting on his action in '50, said, "I think we did enough to scare all the Reds away. Of course, if any new developments come up, the council would probably take immediate steps, but I think the Un-American Activities Committee doesn't need to come to Cambridge."

Other City Councillors contacted last night expressed indifference to the Red probe and said that for once it appeared the Council would not take action on "the Reds at Harvard."