'Queenie' Crowned Best-Loved Maid; 'Feel Like a Cinderella,' She Says

Miss Heleu "Queenie" Anderson of Kirkland House I-entry is the favorite maid of the College.

"Queenie," who was picked last night over favorites of five other Houses, is shown above reading the winning entry with Nicholas Reinhardt one of the nine students who submitted her name.

"I feel a little like Cinderella," said Queenie last night. "All this honor to night, and when I wake up tomorrow morning. I'll have to go back to pushing a room."

After six years in Kirkland House, Queenie has yet to meet a student who isn't a "fine boy."

"They get pretty sloppy at times, so I preach and rear at them a little." Once after she had "read them the riot act," Queenie walked in to find herself hung in effigy from the stairwell, with brooms and sheets representing clothes and feet


"It gave me a good laugh," she said.

Queenie won the crown for among other things, mending sheets, and loaning students money, She received orchids, a blouse, and five other prizes.

Runner-up was Mrs. Maynerd of Eliot House. She was mistakenly identified as the Winthrop winner in Wednesday's article